Artist Bio and Statement

Artist Bio

Christy O’Connor is a New Jersey based artist, living in Monmouth County.  She has been working as an artist for about two years.  O’Connor works in a variety of mediums, including, painting, mixed media, and sculpture.  Many of her works have interactive and tactile qualities.

She is an alumnus of the Ramapo College of New Jersey, where she received a Bachelor’s Degree in Visual Arts.  Additionally, she completed some of her undergraduate studies at New Jersey State University, concentrating in the area of photography.  O’Connor took some time away from her practice upon her completion of school to focus on her career in education.  After ten years in the education field, she made the move back into the arts.

O’Connor has been involved in a large variety of group art exhibitions throughout New Jersey.  O’Connor has worked in a collaborative installations, including Automaton, located in Trenton, NJ, Lost Connections, in Red Bank, NJ and Dusklit, an experiential art project in Warwick, NY.  Most recently, O’Connor has been gaining curatorial skills in her latest endeavor, Nasty Women, a group exhibition, in Philadelphia, PA.


Artist Statement

I am moved by the allure of the macabre.  There is a delicate beauty within the dark layers of harsh corrosion in my work.  Layers of decay and disintegration uncover hidden imagery that appears to have been lost and forgotten; rediscovered after such a long time.  Each work has a story to tell—secrets to reveal.  There is a strange timelessness, almost antiquated feeling to my work, which evokes a haunting sense of loneliness.

Painting, sculpture, and mixed media are the standard forms in which I work.  Many of my works include a combination of painting, drawing and a variety of found objects that had been discarded, repurposed and re-imagined.  I keep many collections akin to my work; aged dirty relics, lost or forgotten, slowly breaking down, or falling apart, finding new meaning and purpose within the compositions I create.